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40 pounds ground beef Fresh Farms

Here at Fresh Farms, we get asked often if we offer meat in smaller sizes than the
15 pounds of fresh bacon or 40-pounds of fresh ground beef or chicken breasts.
Buying and selling in bulk allows us to get a better price and pass those lower
prices on to our customers. Of course an easy solution would be to go in with a
friend or family member on a case of 80/20 or 93/7 fresh ground beef, delivered
in four 10-pound tubes and split it up, but personally, I prefer to prep and package
up the beef for my household to use over the next six months!

Start by making sure you have plenty of freezer bags in sandwich and gallon sizes
and clearing out some space in your freezer or chest freezer.
Next, decide how your family utilizes ground beef in meals. It’d be easy to simply
freeze it raw in one and two pound packages, which you certainly can do, but why
not spend an hour or two prepping when you bring it home so you can save time
down the road?
I’ll start by slicing one ten pound chub into ten or eleven even sizes and packaging
as it is so I have roughly one pound packages available to thaw out for anything.
I’ll take the next chub and using a plastic form, make them into third pound
burger patties, ready for the grill or frying pan.
The other 20 pounds, I generally will brown, season, and freeze for meals that our
family eats regularly.

But of course, browning 20 pounds of fresh ground beef takes more than a frying
pan, so I’ll use a couple of stock pots on medium. You can easily fit five pounds in
each pot, and it’ll take 15-20 minutes with occasional stirring to brown, so I get
those started on the stove while I’m portioning out the raw hamburger for

Even with the 93/7 beef, I will drain and rinse in a colander before returning to
the pot to season. We LOVE tacos and probably have them three or four times a
month, so I’ll turn five pounds (or 10!) into taco meat by just adding my
seasoning, cooling, and then freezing them in pound to pound and a half
individual bags so taco night or taco salads for lunch, are much easier!
I also like to chop an entire onion into one of the pots while browning and just
add salt and pepper. Drain and bag once cooled in one or two pound bags. They

make a great start for lasagna, enchiladas, beef stroganoff, and a number of

If you’re a meatloaf or meatball family, you could even make your meatloaf mix
with the egg, breadcrumbs, etc., form into loaves and freeze that way. Or do the
same with meatballs! You can freeze either of them raw, or pre-cook and freeze.
Ground beef is a staple of so many diets and home cooked meals, and we know
that our customers are getting more and more health-conscious so our ground
beef is raised without the routine use of antibiotics. No added hormones, no
artificial ingredients, no added preservatives. Our beef is non-GMO and

Our very lean 93/7 ground beef is $199.60 for a 40-pound case (four 10-pound
chubs) while our fresh 80/20 ground beef is just $131.60 for a 40 pound case
(four 10-pound chubs)

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