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Washington Dark Cherries


There are many reasons that tens of thousands of our customers RAVE about our fresh Washington cherries. Our farmer and her helpers work very hard to hand-pick and hand-pack every cherry straight from the tree and into your box. This is an extra special treat that is hard to find anywhere else. The natural flavor, full and crisp texture is an experience you can only find with Fresh Farm’s Washington Cherry crop. We are so proud to bring this special treat and experience to your family. If you have never tried our Washington cherries, then you’re missing out! It doesn’t get much sweeter than cherries in the summertime, don’t you think?       

Our dark-sweet cherries come with a flavor explosion in every bite (literally)!

Dark cherries can be used for just about everything. Whether you grab them straight from the bag or adding them into a delicious baked dessert, they taste great in salads, cooked meals, great for canning and even frozen!

Not only a sweet treat, dark cherries are also packed with nutritional benefits with only 87 calories in a one cup serving and less than a half gram of fat. Plus, they’re high in fiber.

Once the kids and grandkids get into them, you’ll want to keep them on hand!


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