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Green Seedless Grapes


Light green grapes with a large berry size and sweet flavor!

Only 90 calories per serving make them the perfect snack!

11# Box

California green seedless grapes are large, juicy, sweet and delicious! Their large size, crisp texture, creamy color and sweet, clean flavor has made them exceptionally popular among our customers. We are proud to offer this vine-ripened special treat to your family table.

A healthy snack with just 90 calories per serving! They are NON-GMO, grown, harvested & packed in sunny California where the long sunny days create ideal climate conditions for growing the perfect grapes. Our family farm has farmed in the Central Valley of California for over three generations.

What can you do with 11 pounds of grapes? After you experience our grapes you may not have very many leftover. However, just in case you do here are some of our favorite things to do with grapes: Enjoy fresh, Freeze for later (LOVE), baking, cooking, pie filling, make raisins or throw a few frozen grapes in a wine glass!

11# Box $30

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