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Our popular Washington apricots are limited and sell out fast. We know people who only love sweet fruits, while others want their fruit a little more on the tart side. If you can’t make up your mind either, then let us introduce you to Apricots from Washington!

Our Apricots are all tree-ripened, hand-picked, and hand-packed. When we say “hand-picked, hand-packed”, we mean it! The farmer and her helpers set up our boxes right in the field, picked and packed the old-fashioned way! These beautiful golden-hued fruits are slightly tart with a mellow-sweet flavor and smooth finish!

Cook with them, can them, freeze them, bake with them. They’re great in pies & cobblers and pair well with pork and poultry. Cook them down as preserves and spoon some onto your toast or ice cream. Yummy!

Apricots are a great snack because they’re low in calories, but high in fiber and nutrients. They’re good for your heart, skin, and bones

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